``Preparing for my Son's, Scott, and a friend's, JenJen, birthday party dinner at my house tomorrow.  Trying USC McCutchen's House  recipe for Tomato PieIt is my favorite at this restaurant.  All the flavors in this dish is heaven to your taste buds!  Sweet, tangy, sour, salty! Not to mention all the delightful feelings your mouth experiences with crunchy, chewy, creamy ~~~UUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

I could not find any sweet pastry shells as the recipe suggests.  I ended up buying pie dough in the dairy section.  I unrolled the pie pastry onto wax paper that had been sprinkled with granulated sugar and sprinkled sugar on top of the dough..  I used a glass as a make shift rolling pin to press the sugar into the dough. I cut circles out using the open end of the large glass (like a cookie cutter).  The circles were then pressed into cupcake tins and baked as per instructions on the package.  Tomorrow I will fill with the other ingredients and re-bake.

I am,also, creating milk free tomato pie for a friend.  Tomorrow I will substitute veggie cheese for the regular cheees. The veggie chedder and jack cheese flavor is very tasty!  I will crumbled up Tofu with salt, pepper, garlic powder, salt, and a little liquid from the Tofu pack to use in place of the sour cream.  WE WILL FIND OUT TOMORROW HOW THIS TASTES~